MCBs Protect electrical systems against overload and short circuits. We have a variety of MCBs available for all field applications in Industries, residential and non-residential buildings. Our MCBs have a current protection range available from 0.3-125A with various tripping capabilities A,B,C and D for your specific requirements. MCBs can be combined with RCCB units to provide protection to individuals and against fire.

Our 3RT Siemens contactors offer a variety of applications in AC and DC control. Such applications include :

  • Motor switching
  • Capacitor switching
  • Assembled for Star-Delta Motor starting
  • Assembled for motor Reversing
  • 4 pole contactors for crane braking application.

Fuses provide optimum protection for lines, systems incase of overloads and short circuits. They ensure fast and quick disconnection to minimize the short circuit effects. We offer several fuse systems such as the NEOZED fuse, Bottle fuse, HRC fuse, cylindrical fuse and diazed fuse up to 125A

Capacitors are the basic component for the Power Factor & Harmonics Correction from power lines to reduce the energy cost by eliminating the reactive power.
Our power quality solution offer you capacitors from world leading Manufactures; EPCOS and Frako.
Our Capacitors range from 2.5KVar to 50Kvar, with supply voltage of 230-690Vac

Power Factor controllers ensure that complex Power factor correction tasks in a power factor correction panel are carried out fully automatically. They ensure that capacitors switch with minimum wear and can measure a wide range of parameters at the same time. Our power quality solution offers the 6 step,12 step and 14 step BELUK PF controllers available for your application.

Our Low voltage speed drives comprise of Siemens SINAMICS V20 for basic performance, used on simple applications i.e. Pumps and Fans, and the SINAMICS G120 for standard to high performance applications.

The SINAMICS V20 are available for Single phase(up to 3KW) and 3 phase applications(up to 30KW) while the SINAMICS G120 are available from(0.3-250KW)

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