A comprehensive portfolio for medium-voltage power distribution enables a more economical and responsible use of electrical power. An integrated approach to medium-voltage power distribution is the basis for energy-efficient infrastructure, buildings and industrial applications, and high supply reliability.
We offer primary and secondary distribution solutions consulting, Design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance activities as per various IEC standards.  IET is offering various distribution substation solutions from 3.3 kV up to 40.5 kV Voltage level from leading OEMs.

Outdoor Substation

Primary distribution level outdoor substations up to 40.5 kV voltage level inclusive of outdoor porcelain clad vacuum breaker, instrument transformer with complete range of protection and controlling functions to protect the systems effectively.

Indoor Substation

There are various ranges of metal clad switchgear options available that will perform well in any environmental condition. Air Insulated (AIS) and Gas insulated switchgear (GIS) with vacuum circuit breaker technology are known for their durability and maintenance free designs as per various international standards. These indoor switchgear substations will phenomenally save installation foot print due to compact design. These substations are also maintenance free.

Compact Substation

Ideal solution for sites with limited space or which are temporary. The Substation is preassembled into a standard container or metal clad enclosure. It includes ring main units (RMU), transformer and LV distribution boards. Gas insulated RMUs switchgear with vacuum circuit breakers technology are most compact switchgear in market with robust construction and IP65 protection , which make them maintenance free over years. IET offers 11 kV & 33 kV compact substations up to 2 MVA as per IEC standards.

SCADA Solutions

Substations are the building blocks for any grid. IET has been automating those substations ensuring highest interoperability by using various RTUs from different OEMs. Without adequate protection substations can quickly come tumbling down.

Modern automation nowadays is digital. So digital substations can increase controllability, facilitate the integration of intermittent renewable and improve safety by replacing copper cabling with fiber optics. Customers can improve reliability and ensure safe and clean energy supply with these solutions.

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