33/ 11 KV Substation (Tariff change)

Mombasa Maize Miller wanted us to design, supply, Install and commission 2 x 10 MVA 33 / 11 kV Indoor substation to upgrade their tariff systems from CI 2 To CI 3 to reduce the monthly power bills.
We did load study of their 4 milling plants and designed a redundant power supply system at 33 kV level with complete energy management system.
We designed indoor 2 x 10 MVA two bay unit substations consisting of below items:

  • 33 kV Isolator with earth switch for isolation of KPLC supply from MMM substation
  • 50 KVA auxiliary transformer for lighting and switchboard aux. supply
  • 33 kV indoor switchboard consisting of 3 breakers and line earth switches
  • 2 x 10 MVA transformers with Neutral Grounding resistors
  • 11 kV switchboards consisting of 9 bays for all milling plants.
  • 24 V, 150 AH Battery chargers for switchboard control supply
  • EMS system to evaluate real-time energy trends of plant

Operation Philosophy: During Normal operating condition one 10 MVA transformers will feed to two out of four plants with bus sectionalizer OFF.  In case of any maintenance or fault at any of the bays we can also operate critical loads of faulty bay with another transfer with bus sectionlizer ON. We achieved redundant system to reduce the down times. We also provided state of art Energy management system to retrieve real time energy consumption of each feeder to know the consumption also to cross check with utility bills.

Some of the major benefits to the customer:

  • Saved space up to 70% due to indoor compact design
  • Maintenance free system will increase mean time between failure (MTBF)
  • Highest level of availability due to product available throughout world
  • Stringent interlock systems ensure highest levels of personal safety during operation
  • User friendly system is easy to operate
  • Trouble shooting has become faster
  • Fast installation and commission
  • Local service support in Kenya for operations issues
  • Return on investment period is less than 2 years
  • Energy Monitoring and hence Energy Optimization

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