IET has been a market leader in providing solutions for all your control requirements. We have undertaken a number of landmark projects which were completely designed, implemented and commissioned by our own engineers. . Our Automation & Drives division provides solutions in the areas as below




Industrial Wireless
Wireless I/O from Phoenix Contact is the ideal solution for the wireless transfer of digital or analog I/O signals.
Your advantages

  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs by eliminating cables
  • Mobility for mobile or interchangeable automation components, thanks to wireless I/O communication
  • No operating costs for transmission media, thanks to wear-free wireless technology
  • Quick and easy commissioning, thanks to user-friendly installation

Radio line wireless system

Radio line is the wireless system for extended systems. Special features include extremely easy assignment of inputs and outputs by simply turning the thumbwheel – without any programming. Thanks to Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology, Radio line is the ideal choice for reliable use in industrial environments.

  • Highly reliable, thanks to Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology
  • Supported frequency bands: 868 GHz, 900 MHz, and 2.4 MHz
  • Range of up to 32 kilometers, thanks to adjustable data rate
  • Flexible network configuration: Radio line supports both point-to-point connections and complex mesh networks with up to 250 nodes
  • Save on devices: transmit I/O signals or serial data using a single device, thanks to the integrated RS-232/RS-485 interface
  • Can be extended with up to 32 I/O modules, thanks to DIN rail connector and hot-swap capability

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