Today’s Customers require competitive and reliable Power Transmission Solutions for effective integration of power from conventional and renewable generation plants, and efficient transmission and distribution to residential, commercial and industrial consumers.
Comprehensive knowledge, experienced staff  enable IET to provide optimized turnkey solutions and engineered equipment packages up to 220 KV. Our strong presence in East Africa ensures customer support throughout the life-cycle of the substation. From 220 kV high voltage transmission substations to industrial electrification projects up to 11kV, IET is a single stop partner you can rely on.
We offer below substation solutions:

Air Insulated Substations

Power Transmission SolutionsSubstations with air-insulated switchgear (AIS) provide a cost-efficient and well-proven solution without compromising on reliability.

We offer high-quality products from world leading OEMs  portfolio with advanced technologies, including IEC 61850 substation automation systems. These help to reduce substation footprint and enable smart grid integration. The rugged technology is customizable and able to withstand some of the most extreme climates across African Region.

Gas Insulated Substations
Substations with gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) are unmatched when it comes to compactness, reliability, efficiency and safety, ensuring maximum power availability for utility, commercial and industrial customers.
The robust and low maintenance GIS based design minimizes the substation’s footprint by as much as 70 percent, enabling it to be installed indoors, in busy urban areas and in harsh environments.
We provide Power transformers from Toshiba with unmatched efficiency and proven track record in East Africa.

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